Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Doggy Play Date!

Last week my good friend came over with her three dogs and we had a super fantastic happy fun time doggy play date!

Yoda's three pals are Dustin, the white spotty pitbull, who had been found tied up to a dumpster.... Nelly, the toy poodle, also adopted... and Chichi, the chihuahua, whose a rescued puppy mill dog. Poor thing has a permanently twisted leg that was broken and was never treated so it healed all crooked :( again why I always say

Don't shop, Adopt!

So , our 4 little rescue pups had a wonderful time together! So much fun, love, and play! We had such a good time that my home felt so empty after they were all gone! Now I feel I need to get more dogs!

look at those pitbull smiles

Yoda, the ball buster!

What good dogs!

The pibbles surveilling the neighbourhood, protecting the Chi

I'm in heaven!

Pitbull sneak attack!

Yoda was all pooped out by the end, but look at that face!

Friday, October 3, 2014

New toy! New Training!

Yoda is a manic tugger. She tugs. and tugs. If she swam, she would make a good tugboat.


She doesn't like to drop whatever it is you are holding on the other end... so that's sometimes less fun.

I picked up this awesome rope tug toy at the dollar store that comes with a comfy handle on my end so I can hold on comfortably and not lose my grip.

I used this opportunity to teach her a new command... "back off" for when she would come to tug too close to the handle. Something she picked up almost instinctively, maybe because my voice meant it. I also reapplied the "drop it" command which is her weakest obedience point. Again, she loves tugging SO MUCH that I gotta work really hard on reinforcing that "drop it + potential treat" is way more worth her while than continuing to pull. We are already making good progress!